Demo Reels

  • "Kristina is so easy to work with, and has an excellent eye for how footage should flow."

    I experienced super professional and fast service, resulting in a reel that I’m proud of. Oh, and my managers love it, too!
  • "Kristina did an incredible job with my reel."

    When I decided to put together a reel I asked around. Latour de Force Productions was highly recommended. Kristina did an incredible job with my reel and made sure that I was happy with the results. She was so easy to work with and her suggestions were great. I made the right choice.
    — Nancy Shayne, Actress, LOUIE; SEX AND THE CITY
  • "I would recommend her to anyone..."

    Kristina recently edited my reel…she was incredibly professional and delivered everything I asked for in a very short turn around time. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!
    — Sarah Street, Actress, L&O, SVU; THE FOLLOWING
  • "Brilliant!"

    Working with Kristina was an easy pleasure. She replied to my emails/texts in a timely fashion and understood what I wanted and needed. The end result was exactly what I wanted….Brilliant!
    — Barbara Miluski, Actress, GIRLS; THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL
  • "I couldn't be happier!"

    Kristina is the best! I highly recommend her!
    — Laurence Lau, Actor, BLUE BLOODS; ELEMENTARY
  • "Kristina did an incredible job with my reel."

    Working with Kristina at Latour de Force was the best choice I could have made. She was able to track down copies of my episodics and edit my scenes. The final product was amazing! My agent said it was a great reel job and would be very helpful in submitting me.
    — Tracy Friedman, Actor, BROAD CITY; HOMELAND
  • "I cannot imagine working with anyone else."

    Kristina Latour is the best! I’ve created a reel with her, updated it three times and I’ve trusted her judgment implicitly. She is spot on, quick and professional. I cannot imagine working with anyone else.
    — Allyce Beasley, Actress, MANIAC; GOTHAM
  • "Kristina is a great collaborator..."

    Working with Kristina had been instrumental in my booking work and keeping my agents happy. I just booked a NY Lottery Commercial after redoing my reel with Kristina! She is a great collaborator and really knows how to get the pacing of the reel perfectly timed.
  • I would recommend them to anyone.

    Latour de Force Productions does a great job! Kristina is huge help in deciding what will look great on a reel – and the finished product always looks great! I would recommend them to anyone looking to create a great reel! They have my highest recommendation!

Create the reel - book the job!

You want a professional, affordable, up-to-date demo reel that you can be truly proud of, one that gets you noticed — and booked!

You want to make sure that you’ll stand out among your competition, but may be feeling overwhelmed by the process. We get it. By using our expertise and knowledge of what’s relevant — and more importantly what sells — we’ll co-create your reel together!

Using your footage, we’ll design & build your Industry standard reel that will not only be brand-centric and represent you in the best way possible, but also be fun and entertaining to watch. 

“Queen of the Reels” – Jamibeth Margolis, NYC Casting Director

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Amy – Actress Demo Reel

Larry – Actor Reel

Allyce – Actress Reel


Jodie – Actress Reel

Tracy – Actor Reel

Melissa – Actress Reel


Daryl – Actor Reel

Carol Ann – Actress Reel

Dennis – Actor Reel


Karen – Actress Reel

Musical/Theatrical – Highlight Reel

Rebecka – Actress Reel


Contestant – Highlight Reel

Music Group – Promo Reel

Booking Agency – Promo Reel

We’ll focus on pacing and creating a ‘flow’ for your custom reel. Our services will include converting your digital media to the appropriate editing formats; custom titles, captions, transitions, and contact info. We’ll also apply basic color correction and sound equalizing, and then specifically format your reel for YouTube; Vimeo; Email; Website; IMDB; Actors Access, etc…

We’ll even archive your project for all the future updates you’re going to need after getting booked from your rockin’ reel! What’s better than that?!

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