My Story


Hi! I’m Kristina -- the ‘Latour’ behind Latour de Force Productions!

I am a video editor/digital storyteller, who specializes in editing professional demo reels for actors/performers and custom memory montages for all of life’s celebrations.

I have been creating professional reels and montages for well over a decade. Having studied video editing at the prestigious School of Visual Arts I’m highly trained, experienced, and skilled in my work. Some clients have said that I’m a perfectionist.

Acting at the esteemed award-winning theatre co., The Barrow Group, has also helped me gain experience in several different areas of the Film & TV industry. Having a creative eye for capturing honest and spontaneous moments, I am known throughout the industry for producing high quality, professional reels and montages.

My passion for editing began when I wanted to give my parents a unique and special gift for their milestone anniversary. I began my project by interviewing them about their love story. They reminisced about how they met, all about their engagement and wedding, and their married life–especially with us kids! I then began scouring through their numerous stacks of photos and home movies to artfully and creatively match them with the photos and videos!  My labor of love resulted in a beautiful heartfelt montage, synced perfectly with just the right music in an exciting, ‘this is your life’ movie that was celebrated by the whole family! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house! I was officially hooked!

After being hired to create montages for people celebrating birthdays, weddings and graduations, I was soon asked by some of my actor friends if I could edit their reels for their upcoming auditions. I found I had a knack for taking their performance footage and creating reels that were both professional and appealing to watch. This, in turn, got the attention of agents and casting directors who called them in to audition based on their reels!

I truly take pride in what I do. Whether I’m creating beautiful memory montages or editing professional demo reels — this business was born from my passion for storytelling. I invite you to view samples of my work, and then contact me to find out how I can edit your reel to book you the job, or create your unique, personalized montage that will turn your life story into the story of a lifetime!